Geography and History

About Tarxien

Tarxien is situated on the borders of Paola, Fgura, Santa Lucija, and Zejtun. The village of Hal Tarxien is situated in the south of Malta and is considered as one of the oldest villages inhabited by humans. The name of Tarxien is derived from the work “tirxa” which means a huge stone. The existence of this locality goes back to 4000 years and according to archaeologists the Neolithic temples served as a sacred place where the Goddess of Fertitlity was worshipped. Hal Tarxien is known for the various excavations of historic sites.
The present population reaches the number of 9000 residents. Till the year 1960, the citizens earned their living mainly from agriculture, especially from selling of goats’ milk. Today this is all history and there remains few people who live on agricultural products.