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Reach Out Centre

The Tarxien Local Council, through the Norwegian Funds Small Grant Scheme, together with the assistance of SEM, worked hard to realize the Tarxien Reach Out Centre – Community Hall. The aims are towards the improvement of the quality of life and sustainable living standards of deprived communities in urban localities.

An urge amongst Tarxien residents for more social opportunities was identified by the Tarxien Local Council. Thus, the primary concept of a ‘Reach Out Centre’ (community hall) was to address the various needs within our locality.

Infrastructural upgrades were required to create a comfortable and modern venue and furnish it with all the necessary equipment. The Reach Out Centre will also house the Tarxien regional library.

The Tarxien Local Council will be hosting a variety of primary and secondary-level courses in Maltese, English, Mathematics and ICT, as well as various Artisanal courses and Physical Education sessions such as Zumba, Yoga & Fitness. In order to bring the Tarxien community together, other activities will be held on a continuous basis.